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The Vision

In its essence religion is a set of beliefs, traditions, and practices that define the way in which people worship god. When kept pure, it has done remarkable things for mankind. But when it becomes corrupt, it is responsible for incredible suffering.

Introducing Kalki Coin, the payments and rewards platform built to promote transparency in our economy. Kalki Coin is a gradually increasing, low volatile coin which is tailor-made for mass adoption.

Through investing in Kalki Coin, users can personally ensure capital gains and further utilize it for the development of India in a transparent and secure manner.






pi wallet



Masternodes are mighty elements of the KLC network. On the one hand, you can think of them as your very own private savings account (you put 1000 KLC as collateral into an address, and in return you are rewarded with regular interest). On the other, Masternodes are what help secure the community and relay transactions across the network.

Running a masternode may prove a little intimidating to some. Fortunately there are some useful resources available to help. From managing masternode rewards, to voting on budget proposals, these resources will make being a masternode owner nice and easy!

Magic stabilisation

Magic Stabilisation

The common needs of the merchant and the consumer require a stable and reliable currency whose appreciation path is reasonably smooth while resisting market fluctuations due to market pump and dump. This need is fulfilled by the Kalkicoin’s Magic Stabilisation Algorithm.


Masternode Reward

Running a Masternode, which requires 1000 KLC. You can easily buy from any exchange and deposit in your core wallet. (Note: Requires some technical know-how) Staking your KLC, which has no required minimum, but requires you to keep your wallet active With KLC balance.


Stable Price ROI

A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency that is pegged to the value of an underlying asset. They are called stablecoins because the value of these cryptocurrencies are kept stable in relation to the underlying asset. 8% per month ROI on KLC which you get when you have 2000KLC in your core wallet.


Retailer friendly

The Kalki ecosystem promotes the use of Kalki Point Of Sale (POS), a one stop solution for all crypto and fiat payments. Introduction of the Kalki POS will propel the mass adoption of KLC while doing away with any transaction delays inherent to other cryptocurrencies.



Using a blockchain-based system, donators can choose their preferences for discretionary spending. This way, the user can prioritize certain aspects of the overall budget for development. For instance, a person keen on improving the life of poor people can allocate a higher share of spending on community engagement.



In order to manipulate a financial record without detection, a hacker would have to simultaneously make the same change in all data blocks. In essence, it’s impossible! With the adoption of Kalkicoin, we are providing a trustable platform through which charitable users can assist in the welfare of our community.

decentralised law


Members of the Kalki Ecosystem will elect dashavatars (10 representatives) according to the POS principles. These 10 representatives will be the members of Kalki decentralised police which will be responsible for settling disputes and enforcing the decentralised law.



Payments settle in 4 seconds.



KLC consistently handles 173 transactions per second,BTC and ETH Tps is less then KLC


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Our Roadmap

August, 2018

Custom chaincode

development completed

January, 2019

Magic Stabilisation

AI powered deployed

February, 2019


Node Selling Begin

February, 2019

Stable Price

8% ROI per Month